Backlink Beast Review In this Backlink Beast Review you will find a software platform that was created by a gentleman who has launched numerous million dollar grossing campaigns – Matt Callen. Matt and his brother Brad have partnered together to create some of most beneficial and influential products for internet marketers in our time.

Some of the questions that arise when deciding whether a software platform that is “The Only Link Building Platform You Need” come to mind are:

-Is the platform user friendly?

-Will the pricing structure be competitively priced for a serious marketer?

-What kind of links will Backlink Beast create for me?

-Will it help increase popularity and therefore traffic to my site?

-Will it create email accounts and confirm emails automatically?

-Will it create accounts automatically on popular high authority social platforms?

-Most importantly, will this software allow me to create a network of sites that I can completely customize or will it allow me to submit content to sites related to my niche allowing me to include contextual links?

With the amount of experience in the industry Matt has, I have no doubt that this software has been well thought out and well put together. Like most new software that is launched, there is a certain amount of flaws to expect. Most major flaws should have been corrected prior to a big launch such as this one. Since I am not a beta tester, I can’t guarantee you will have a flawless experience. I can guarantee that Matt does not put out products with his name on it unless it’s built with quality in mind, user experience and functionality.

Backlink building has certainly become a bit more challenging since the incorporation of the penguin algorithm update. Millions of sites have been affected. Many internet marketers using simple no brainer solutions have seen a tremendous decrease in their rankings and subsequently their bank accounts.

Maybe now we’ll be able to rank a site with less competition since most people whose sites have been affected have given up on SEO altogether. It leave those of us who choose to play by the rules to conquer our online goals and change our lives for the better.

Our Backlink Beast Review simply goes over the creator, the backlinks we need, and the benefits you will receive from becoming a member of this promising platform.

The only other link building platform that has become a huge hit is Senuke. Senuke has done everything it says and if you know how to use it well and play by Google’s rules, the sky is the limit. It is one of 3 link building platforms I use religiously and highly recommend.

The reason I use 3 platforms is because all three combined accomplishes everything that is needed for a successful backlinking campaign and high rankings — getting strong social signals, having diversified anchor text, and getting high pagerank contextual backlinks from relevant sites.

The anticipation for this Backlink Beast is killing me. This product may end up replacing the use of the other 2 platforms.

Hopefully this brief Backlink Beast Review video whets your appetite enough to click on the link at the top of this description.

To Your SEO Success!