Strategic Backlink Building (3) – Link Wheels by RichQuickReview Linkwheel

Yo I make tons of money online from home using this great website promotion service, they create linkwheels to promote websites for cheap rates, check them out at . This is RichQuickReview’s video and i like it!! check out their channel at This video is part of my series about strategic backlink building for website promotion. Any websites rank in search engines results can be improved by building backlinks pointing to it. Back links to your site can be added in articles that can be distributed to article directories, in description texts for video was uploaded to various video sharing sites and included in the text on free blogging platforms among other things. In this video I talk about the very popular link building strategy called building a Link Wheel. A Link Wheel is a series of Web 2.0 properties that are all linked together in a circular fashion. Additionally to the interlinking each of the Web 2.0 sites also links back to your main webpage (the one you are trying to promote). I personally don’t use link wheels because they are so artificial. As a general rule of thumb because you that the more natural a link building pattern looks, the more value each of the links will have.