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Are you looking for top-quality, Google-friendly backlinks that will help your website gain trust with Google and rank higher?

You’ve likely heard that with the latest Google update, profile backlinks don’t have as much influence as they used to.

And you know what? That is true!

…until you do it the right way!

Using my special Google-friendly technique, I will manually create 10 profile backlinks for you using top quality, pr9 websites. (This method is Panda and Penguin safe!)

Yes you heard that correctly. Top authority sites including Bing, Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft, Opera, Drupal, Adobe and others, will link to your website!

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Let me explain exactly what you will get and why these links are so valuable!

Usually, profile backlinks are from spammed, low-quality forums, where profiles are created with only the backlink and no content. Therefore, they will have very little-to-no value with Google! They’ll also probably be deleted by admin!

What do I do to make my links stand out?
I will create your profile links using top quality web 2.0 pr9 websites, which are reputable with Google, and are unscathed by spam!

Profiles will have more value and will not be deleted by an admin because:
All will be done manually.
I will submit as much content as I can.
I will submit your bio or about me section with your link.
In that way, for Google it will looks more like a blog post than a profile page!

Google is looking for random natural linking, and that is why you will get:
A mix of do and no follow, anchored, and non-anchored links, which is the most natural, Google-friendly technique! All publicly viewable!

You can link any type of page or website, videos, and documents!
You can use all languages and characters.
I will use random logins and data, so you won’t leave footprints.
You will receive a detailed report with login data; those profiles will be 100% yours.
I will submit your profiles to my premium backlinks indexer, you will get backlink to your profiles, it will help index your links, and pass more link juice to your website!
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But do these links truly work? Don’t ask me, just check my feedback! I get feedback about positive results even in a post-penguin era, but of course I cannot promise anything simply because every case is individual:

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