Advanced Link Building Techniques in SEO.MP4

How can you create quality inbound links? This article explains you how to create links in such a manner to get maximize benefits for seo.
Use Keyword as an anchor text- Let me tell you a truth; Many people are not using keywords as an anchor text they write good content and use company name or anything else as a link. Its not good, if you will use keyword as an anchor text then search engines will come to know your web page relative keyword.
Links are from relevant pages- Search engines always check relevance in the interconnected pages. Incoming links should be come from those pages where the content of the page relevant to our website content.
Links should be from authority websites- Links from High PR websites are worth more, links are similar to votes but search engines also check who is doing voting (linking), if the link is from high PR websites, .edu or .gov domains then search engines give better value to links. So we should take care this point while doing link building.
Links should be one way not reciprocal- Search engines always verify link exchanges and give lower value to them. Its always better to use one way link building.
Links should be come from body of content, not from advertising zone- Links should be come from body of the content so that it looks natural. Search engines verify where the links located.
There must be few links on the page- Whenever you do link building then you must take care of number links located in that page, the lesser the links more the value your link will get from that page.

So above are the few points to be taken care of while doing link building.
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